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At KAMSH&YRC We offer and integrated pragmatic approach to well being with particular focus on Ayurveda. The treatment and healing modalities that are adopted here are in accordance with the traditional concept of the ancient Vedic wisdom. Eminent Ayurvedic doctors with more than 50 years of experience offer treatment here.

KAMSH&YRC offer two kinds of treatments, Rejuvenative and curative purpose.

Rejuvenation Treatments

Rejuvenation treatments are designed to revitalize the body tissue, improve circulation and remove accumulated stress toxin from mind and body. Kerala's special treatments like uzhichil, pizhichil, kizhi, dhara etc. are mainly advised for rejuvenation purposes. Panchakarma is the most potent of the rejuvenative therapies. Our doctors will advise the most appropriate panchakarma therapy upon a detailed consultation.

Curative Treatments

A team of dedicated Ayurvedic Physicians meet the health needs of all our guests each of whom fills up a detailed health questionnaire and undergoes a basic medical examination on the basis of which curative therapies are recommended. KAMSH&YRC assists in treating the following conditions
Obesity Stress Anxiety/Depression Cardiovascular disease Hypertension Diabetes Strokes Low back, Neck, Knee and localized chronic pains Infertility Addiction (Drug/Alcohol) Eye disease Gynecological disease

  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Low back, Neck, Knee and localized chronic pains
  • Infertility
  • Addiction (Drug/Alcohol)
  • Eye disease
  • Gynecological diseases

Beauty & Skin care

Under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctors KAMSH & YRC offers treatment based on Ayurvedic tradition of using pure herbs and other natural ingredients. Many problems with skin and hair today are due to stress and environmental toxins and accreted aging caused by accumulated imbalances. The beauty treatment program at KAMSH & YRC transform the internal functioning of the physiology to create radiant health.

Eye Clinic

Exercise of the eye will strengthen the eyes and sight. Exercise of any group of muscles tends to directly strengthen those muscles as well as improve the circulation and condition of adjacent parts. If any part of the body is weak, effective exercises which involve the use of the muscles in that region will have a strengthening and toning up effect. This can be applied with special force to exercise for the muscles of the eye. Ayurvedic specialized treatment like Nasya, Dhara, Tharppanam are also adopted to care your eyes.

Ayurveda Treatments

Some of the famous treatments are mentioned below for better understanding. All the treatments may be selected only after the consultation of our Physician.

  • Abhayanga
  • Dhara
  • Siro Dhara
  • Podi Kizhi (Rooksha sweda)
  • Elakizhi (Patrapotala sweda)
  • Nasyam (Nasal insufflations)
  • Navarakizhi(Shashtika pinda sweda)
  • Steam bath
  • Spinal bath (Avaghaha)
  • Akshi tharpanam
  • Yoga and meditation

Psoriasis Treatment

Get back to your life without the pain and agony of Psoriasis! It is a chronic, autoimmune disease that appears on the skin causing significant physical discomfort and some disability. Ayurveda has a definitive treatment without side effects for Psoriasis.

Yoga & Meditation

The human mind can be ones best friend or worst enemy. Through Yoga and Meditation therapies we learn to tap our inner potential and calm the mental agitations as well as strengthen our concentration power. With proper yogic postures several diseases can be cured. Yoga therapy is available for following diseases in the centre.

  • Asthma
  • Heart disease
  • Lone backache
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Eye diseases
  • Gynaecological diseases


Yoga and Ayurveda classes are also held at KAMSH & YRC which makes you fully qualified to be an Ayurveda or Yoga instructor.

1.Ayurveda Masseures Course

(Duration 6 Months) Fees - Rs. 15000/- (Food & Accommodation extra)


  • Applied Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Ostiology
  • Marma
  • History of Ayurveda
  • Basic Ayurveda
    • Thridhoshas
    • Panchaboothas
    • Prakruthi
    • Physical constitution
    • Panchakarmas
    • Poorvakarma
    • Paschathkarma
    • Practical Classes
    • Preparation of Basic Medicine
    • Preparation of Basic Medicine

2. Yoga Instructors Course

(Duration 6 Months, Fees Rs. 18000 /- ( Food & Accommodation extra)


  • Basic Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Prayers
  • Pathanjali Yoga Soothra
  • Different yoga postures
    • Sitting
    • Standing
    • Lying- Supine, Prone
  • Different Kriyas
    • Vasthi
    • Nethi
    • Dhouthi
    • Vamana
  • Different mudras
    • Pranayama
    • Savasana

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