Experience the allure of Ayurvedic Facial, a transformative skincare ritual that harnesses the potency of natural ingredients like herbs, oils, and spices. This holistic facial journey encompasses cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishment, tailored precisely to your unique skin type, while also embracing the profound principles of Ayurveda to harmonize body and mind.

An Ayurvedic facial commences with a thorough cleansing, preparing the canvas for the nurturing journey ahead. This is followed by a gentle yet effective scrubbing process, delicately removing impurities and unveiling the natural radiance of your skin. Subsequently, our experts administer a revitalizing massage using a bespoke paste of natural ingredients, stimulating your senses and promoting a deep sense of well-being. A session of steaming ensues, enveloping your skin in a cocoon of warmth and relaxation, further enhancing the absorption of vital nutrients. Finally, a carefully curated face pack, rich with the essence of Ayurvedic ingredients, is skillfully applied, providing a nurturing embrace that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

The remarkable ingredients woven into Ayurvedic facials are believed to not only bestow a healing touch upon the skin but also extend their grace to the mind, reducing stress and inviting tranquility.

Beyond its surface-level benefits, Ayurvedic facials epitomize a holistic skincare approach, seamlessly merging time-honored healing practices with contemporary skincare techniques. The result is healthy, luminous skin that echoes an inner sense of well-being and vitality.


Welcome to the world of Ayurvedic Pedicure, a holistic foot care experience inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. This rejuvenating treatment harmoniously blends natural ingredients and time-honored techniques to pamper and rejuvenate your feet, with the ultimate goal of promoting wellness and balance throughout your entire body.

During your Ayurvedic Pedicure, a journey of restoration begins with a luxurious soak in warm water infused with natural herbs and essential oils. This gentle immersion serves to soften the skin and soothe tired muscles, setting the stage for deep relaxation.

Our skilled therapists then skillfully apply a fusion of Ayurvedic herbs and oils to exfoliate and massage your feet, gently stimulating circulation and enveloping you in a sense of tranquility.

This ritual goes beyond indulgence, as specialized tools like a pumice stone tenderly eliminate roughness and calluses. A lavish foot mask crafted from revered ingredients such as turmeric, sandalwood, and neem is then applied, wrapping your feet in a cloak of nourishment and moisture.

Beyond the pampering, Ayurvedic Pedicure extends its embrace to holistic well-being. Its potential to address specific foot concerns like dry skin, cracked heels, and fungal infections makes it a comprehensive treatment for nurturing overall health.


Step into the realm of Ayurvedic Manicure, a holistic approach to nail care deeply rooted in Ayurvedic principles. This rejuvenating ritual seamlessly merges the potency of herbal and natural ingredients to fortify and beautify your nails, while inviting relaxation and equilibrium to permeate your entire being.

At the heart of an Ayurvedic manicure lies a warm water soak infused with the essence of herbs and essential oils. This initial step envelops your hands in soothing comfort, preparing the canvas for a journey of rejuvenation.

Gentle exfoliation using natural scrubs follows, unveiling the natural radiance of your hands. Nails are tenderly trimmed and shaped, setting the stage for the application of a nourishing blend of natural oils and herbs. The ensuing massage delivers a harmonious symphony of rejuvenation, as well as nurturance to your hands and nails.

Ayurvedic manicure transcends beyond aesthetics; it aims to balance the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) within your body, which are thought to influence your overall health and well-being. As such, this therapeutic experience extends its benefits to both the mind and body, offering a pathway to improved nail and hand health.


Embark on a journey of holistic hair care with Ayurvedic Hair Spa, a fusion of timeless Ayurvedic wisdom and modern hair care techniques. Rooted in ancient Indian tradition, this treatment harmoniously nurtures and revitalizes your hair, scalp, and mind, employing the power of nature's finest ingredients and methods.

At the core of Ayurvedic hair spa lies a carefully crafted sequence of steps, each contributing to the overall wellness of your hair. The ritual begins with a soothing scalp massage, fostering improved blood circulation that promotes hair growth and strengthens the roots. Herbal steam follows, gently opening up pores and enhancing the hair follicles' capacity to absorb vital nutrients.

The experience continues with a hair wash and mask, meticulously concocted from nature's bounty—amla, neem, shikakai, and henna—ingredients revered for their nurturing and reparative properties. This holistic approach helps nourish the hair, repair damage, and unveil a new level of vitality.

Beyond the physical, Ayurvedic Hair Spa offers a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving an indelible mark on your mind and body. Suitable for all hair types, this treatment extends its embrace to those with dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. It also serves as a natural alternative to chemical hair treatments, which can sometimes be abrasive to your hair and scalp.

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