Welcome to our Ayurvedic center's facilities, where we provide a range of amenities designed to nurture your well-being and promote holistic healing. Explore our offerings below and discover how each facility contributes to your journey of rejuvenation and balance.

A Sanctuary of Comfort

Experience a peaceful and comfortable stay in our thoughtfully designed accommodation. Choose from a variety of rooms tailored to your preferences



Indulge in the comfort of our premium AC rooms, where you can relax and unwind in style.



Find tranquility in our standard non-AC rooms, offering a cozy retreat for rest and relaxation.



Embrace simplicity and serenity in our basic non-AC rooms, perfect for a peaceful retreat.

PANCHAKARMA THEATRE: Your Path to Rejuvenation

Experience the art of Panchakarma in our specialized theater, guided by trained Ayurvedic practitioners. Each treatment is performed in a serene environment, with dedicated rooms and advanced equipment to enhance your therapy experience.

COSMETIC CLINIC: Natural Beauty, Inside and Out

Reconnect with your natural radiance at our Ayurvedic cosmetic clinic. Our skilled practitioners offer personalized treatments for your skin and hair, ensuring you feel and look your best.

MINOR OT: Expert Care, Minus the Surgery

Our minor OT facility provides Ayurvedic treatments and procedures without major surgeries. With a dedicated operating room and essential surgical instruments, we ensure your well-being remains the top priority.

PHARMACY: The Healing Potions

Our Ayurvedic pharmacy is staffed by qualified experts who prepare and dispense authentic Ayurvedic medicines. From powders and tablets to oils and decoctions, our wide range of products harness the power of nature to promote wellness.

YOGA STUDIO: Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Discover serenity in our yoga studio, a space dedicated to yoga practice, meditation, and wellness activities. Our trained instructors guide you on a journey to balance and inner harmony.

DINING & KITCHEN: Nourishment for the Soul

Savor nutritious meals prepared with fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. Our vegetarian offerings cater to your Ayurvedic constitution, promoting healing from the inside out. Enjoy your meals in a calm and peaceful environment, where nourishment meets comfort.

HERBAL GARDEN: Cultivating Nature's Healing Wisdom

Step into our exquisite herbal garden, a serene outdoor haven where the wisdom of Ayurvedic healing comes to life. Carefully nurtured and thoughtfully curated, this garden is a sanctuary of nature's bounty, housing a diverse collection of medicinal plants that have been cherished for centuries.

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